Item 329

Number 329
Name Durable Leather
Sticker affects
Description Hand-crafted by peerless tanners and favored by top- brand clothiers. Lustrous, supple, and naturally resistant to scratches and wear.
Tips Materials like this transform certain items into awesomely powerful new items. Leather takes a beating beautifully, perfect for jeans or coats.
How to get Sold by:
  • 104 Building/Wild Boar 104 (FSG Lv.6) for 10x Rare Metal/1x 10 Yen
  • Shibu-Q Heads/1F (W2D4/5/6) for ¥11100
    Plot event: W1D5: reaper @Tipsy Tose Hall, W1D6: reaper @Molco (optional; requires Lv.3 Murasame)
Comments [[comments::Required for the recommended threads Biker Jacket, Patchy Biker Jacket, and Black Jeans.]]