Draco Cantus
Noise 95
Draco Cantus's sprite
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Hit Points 25000
Attack 100
PP 150
EXP Gained 0
Found Room of Reckoning (Boss)
Date(s) Encountered Week 3 - Day 7
Alternate Form of Megumi Kitaniji
Race Reaper
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Black Venus*
H - Dark Matter*
N - Anguis*
E - Hip Snake*

Draco Cantus (ドラゴカンタス Dorago Kantasu?, Latin for "singing dragon") is the final boss of The World Ends with You. It is a second Noise form of Megumi Kitaniji's, adopted after he entraps Joshua and incorporates him into his body.

Strategy Edit

Neku doesn't have a partner for this fight, so the player is fighting alone. To deal damage, Neku must simply attack any of Draco Cantus's heads on the lower screen.

Draco Cantus inflicts massive damage and uses multiple attacks that will cover the entire screen. Its five heads will constantly be using an attack called Energy Spread or Laser Blast if you are afar and will Dragon Bite Neku if he nears them. Once 20% of Draco Cantus's yellow HP bar is drained, one of Neku's partners will perform what appears to be a level 2 Fusion with him. The partner will glow and an arrow will show up on the partner from their spot on the top screen. Press the D-Pad or buttons in the way that it shows (left for Shiki, up for Joshua, and right for Beat), and Neku will gain a permanent Light Puck. Pressing the input again when prompted will gain him a boost to the Light Puck. Due to the fact that this is permanent, having the Eden set will make this fight laughably easy.

If you stay near the bottom left or right corners of the screen and use the Lightning Rook pin that you got before the fight,use them in a crossed line(Diagnal)to cross the lightning with up to 3 heads,multiplying your already multiplied damage.

The player will have the best chance at avoiding his attacks by sticking to one of the corners. When he reaches 0 HP, the Four Stars pin will appear. Press the pin to erase Draco Cantus.

During Solo Remix, one of the partners will be displayed in the pose for the highest available fusion; when this occurs, do the input corresponding to the partner indicated (tap for Shiki, slash down for Joshua, and press for Beat) to activate their highest Fusion attack available. If this attack fails, Draco Cantus will heal itself for roughly 2500 HP on Hard Mode.