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Discharge relies on electricity to deal damage. There are two activations of Discharge; Discharge R and Discharge H. Discharge R involves rapidly tapping empty space. An emblem will appear and sparks will fly out of it. You can rapidly tap anywhere on the screen after the emblem appears to continue using the psych, not just the same empty space. Discharge H is activated by scratching empty space. An emblem will appear and lightning bolts will extend out of the emblem. Generally with Discharge H pins, you can keep scratching to extend the lightning bolts.

  Name Brand Cls Boot Reboot Limit Uses Psych Action Elm EFF% Power Atk200
Pin 138 Distortion Tigre Punks B 0 6 4 Discharge H Neg 40 78 111
Pin 154 Self Found, Others Lost Dragon Couture B 1.2 6 5.7 Discharge R Neg 30 71 81
Pin 276 Fuji Yama Unbranded B 0 7 3 Discharge R Neg 30 58 77
Pin 282 Jelly Unbranded R 0 3 5 Discharge H Neg 40 55 102

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