The Debug Menu is a choice of menus accessed through using some sort of cheat device like Action Replay or GameShark. The entire text is in Japanese. This page is collecting all the information shown when the Debug menu option is selected. For safety reasons, before using the Debug Menu, save your game, back up the save and don't save after closing the debug menu - instead turn off the game and re-load your save. This is due to the Debug Menu being fairly unstable, and can easily crash. And even if everything seems right, things can start malfunctioning later.

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The K OptionsEdit

Programmer: (Kita????)

K1 - Field<->BattleEdit

Description: (A battle happens in the field ?)

This option returns the game to the start of the current mission.

K2 - FLD/FieldEdit

Description: 3D Field Test

Opens up the Field Select menu. The Field Select menu lets you view or change:

  • the current field
    • no003 = Spain Hill
    • ce001 = Scramble Crossing
    • no001 = AMX
    • ce002 = 104 Building
    • ce003 = Center St. Entrance
    • ce004 = Statue of Hachiko
    • no002 = Tipsy Tose Hall
    • no004 = Shibu-Q Heads
    • no005 = Molco
    • no006 = Udagawa Back Streets
    • no007 = Blank area with AMX on top screen; registers as Udagawa Back Streets
    • no008 = Shibu Dept. Store
    • no009 = Cadoi City
    • no010 = Towa Records
    • ea001 = Miyashita Park
    • ea002 = Miyashita Park Underpass
    • ea003 = Cat Street
    • so001 = West Exit Bus Terminal
    • so002 = Station Underpass
    • we001 = Dogenzaka
    • we002 = Blank area with Pork City 1F on top screen; registers as Pork City 1F
    • we003 = A-East
    • we004 = Shibukyu Main Store
    • we005 = Concert Stage
    • mk001 = Pork City 1F
    • mk002 = Pork City 2F
    • mk003 = Pork City 3F
    • mk004 = Pork City 4F
    • mk005 = Pork City 5F
    • mk006 = Pork City 6F
    • mk007 = Pork City 7F
    • mk008 = Pork City 8F
    • mk009 = Pork City 9F
    • mk010 = Pork City 10F
    • mk011 = Pork City 11F
    • mk012 = Pork City 12F
    • mk013 = Pork City 13F
    • mk014 = Pork City Roof (black screen)
    • ex001 = Trail of the Sinner
    • ex002 = Rubicon
    • ex003 = Trail of the Bygone
    • ex004 = Dead God's Pad
    • ex005 = Trail of the Judged
    • ex006 = Room of Reckoning
  • width: the width of the current map (not changeable)
  • Building: the Building number (top screen picture?) (not changeable)
  • Road: the Road number (bottom screen map?) (not changeable)
  • topScale: The relative size of people at the top of this map, as compared to the original size of the image. 0.8 = 80% of original size, etc. (not changeable)
  • botomScale: The relative size of people at the bottom of this map, as compared to the original size of the image. 1.0 = 100% of original size, etc. (not changeable)
  • NPC: How many people are wandering around on this map. (too high a number will cause slowdown, negative number seems to just give 0)
  • DEBUG WINDOW: Opens a small window located on the upper screen in the upper left corner, it shows your location cordinates and the amount of npcs in the map.
  • MapJump: Forces all exits to be open when on.
  • Partner: Sets your current battle partner.
    • 0 = Shiki
    • 1 = Joshua
    • 2 = Beat
  • noize symbol: How many noise symbols are floating around during a scan, too much can cause slowdown.
  • top brand: sets the current top brand
    • 0 = Mus Rattus
    • 1 = D+B
    • 2 = Tigre Punks
    • 3 = Lapin Angelique
    • 4 = Dragon Couture
    • 5 = Hip Snake
    • 6 = Pegaso
    • 7 = Sheep Heavenly
    • 8 = Jupiter of the Monkey
    • 9 = Pavo Real
    • 10 = Natural Puppy
    • 11 = Wild Boar
    • 12 = Gatito

K3 - IMDEdit

Opens up the IMD menu. Pressing A on any choice crashes the system. Use at your own risk.

K4 - Sound TestEdit

Opens the Sound Test menu, where all sounds can be accessed and played. There is a mixer of sorts that can be used to adjust settings such as how the sound plays, the loop, etc. This option is relatively safe if all that is changed is the sound.

  • title = "It's So Wonderful"
  • F01 to S03 = All other CD Tracks
  • ending = A Lullaby for You (credits song)
  • e_01_01 = Opening sequence
  • e_01_02a = Neku awakening sequence
  • e_01_02b = Player Pin sequence
  • e_01_02c = Neku scanning sequence
  • e_01_03 = "You Have 7 Days" timer sequence
  • e_01_04 = Long Beep (Adjust "adx volume" to hear it; supposedly the scene where Neku is running from the frogs)
  • e_01_05 = Erasure sequence
  • e_01_06 = Pact sequence
  • e_02_01 = "Don't kill me" sequence
  • e_03_01 = "Don't kill me" erasure sequence
  • e_03_02 = Beat/Rhyme Golden Bat sequence
  • e_04_01 = Rhyme erasure sequence
  • e_07_01 = Higashizawa Noise transform
  • r_01_01 = Udagawa flashback (scene)
  • r_02_01 = Udagawa flashback (Player Pin drop)
  • r_02_02 = Shiki "resurrection" sequence
  • r_02_03 = Neku wakes up in the Scramble Crossing
  • r_04_01 = Udagawa flashback (Joshua shoot ver.)
  • r_05_01 = Joshua "Jesus Beam" sequence
  • r_07_01 = Minamimoto Noise transform
  • r_07_02 = Udagawa flashback (Minamimoto shoot ver.)
  • r_07_03 = Lv. i Flare/Joshua sacrifice sequence
  • b_02_01 = Rhyme Noise erasure sequence
  • b_07_01 = Beat's shadow sequence
  • b_07_02 = Konishi Noise transform
  • b_07_03 = Posessed Shiki sequence
  • b_07_04 = Kitaniji Noise transform
  • b_07_06 = Draco Cantus sequence
  • b_07_07 = Final Fusion Attack sequence
  • b_07_08 = Udagawa flashback final segment
  • b_07_09 = Neku/Joshua duel sequence
  • b_07_10 = "What the hell!?" sequence
  • b_07_11 = Headphones removal sequence
  • b_07_12 = Pre-credits "Meeting" sequence
  • s_01_01 = Secret Reports bonus sequence

K5 - Event SelectEdit

Opens up the Event Select menu. Each event causes different things, but does not follow events like a boss battle or clearing a wall.Use at your own risk.

K6 - FlashEdit

Opens up the video menu. Each video is named for the chapter, along with an identifying number. Some of the videos crash the game. Use at your own risk.

  • 0 OpeningFlash = Crashes game
  • 1 EndingFlash = Crashes game
  • 2 e_01_01 = W1D1; Neku's opening monologue and waking up in the Scramble
  • 3 e_01_03 = W1D1; "You Have 7 Days"
  • 4 e_01_04 = W1D1; Opening cinematic
  • 5 e_01_05 = W1D1; Players erased at Hachiko
  • 6 e_01_06 = W1D1; Neku and Shiki's pact
  • 7 e_01_end = W1D1; "Chapter Closed"
  • 8 e_02_end = W1D2; "Don't kill me" + "Chapter Closed"
  • 9 e_03_01 = W1D3; "Don't kill me"
  • 10 e_03_02 = W1D3; Golden bat
  • 11 e_03_end = W1D3; "Chapter Closed"
  • 12 e_04_01 = W1D4; Rhyme's erasure
  • 13 e_04_end = W1D4; "Chapter Closed"
  • 14 e_05_end = W1D5; "Chapter Closed"
  • 15 e_06_end = W1D6; "Chapter Closed"
  • 16 e_07_01 = W1D7; Higashizawa's transformation
  • 17 e_07_02 = W1D7; Waking up in the Scramble
  • 18 e_07_end = W1D7; "Chapter Closed"
  • 19 r_01_01 = W2D1; Udagawa flashback (scene)
  • 20 r_01_02 = W2D1; Neku and Joshua's pact
  • 21 r_01_end = W2D1; "Chapter Closed"
  • 22 r_02_01 = W2D2; Udagawa flashback (pin drop)
  • 23 r_02_02 = W2D2; Shiki's 'resurrection'
  • 24 r_02_03 = W2D2; Beat on Pork City
  • 25 r_02_end = W2D2; "Chapter closed"
  • 26 r_03_end = W2D3; "Chapter Closed"
  • 27 r_04_01 = W2D4; Udagawa flashback (Joshua shooting)
  • 28 r_04_end = W2D4; "Chapter Closed"
  • 29 r_05_01 = W2D5; Joshua's 'Jesus beam'
  • 30 r_05_end = W2D5; "Chapter Closed"
  • 31 r_06_end = W2D6; "Chapter Closed"
  • 32 r_07_01 = W2D7; Minamimoto's transformation
  • 33 r_07_02 = W2D7; Udagawa flashback (Minamimoto shooting)
  • 34 r_07_03 = W2D7; Joshua's sacrifice and waking up in the Scramble
  • 35 r_07_end = W2D7; "Chapter Closed"
  • 36 b_01_01 = W3D1; Neku and Beat's pact
  • 37 b_01_end = W3D1; "chapter Closed"
  • 38 b_02_01 = W3D2; Konishi crushing Rhyme
  • 39 b_02_end = W3d2; "Chapter Closed"
  • 40 b_03_end = W3D3; "Chapter Closed"
  • 41 b_04_end = W3D4; "Chapter Closed"
  • 42 b_05_end = W3D5; "Chapter Closed"
  • 43 b_06_end = W3D6; "Chapter Closed"
  • 44 b_07_01 = W3D7; Beat's shadow
  • 45 b_07_02 = W3D7; Konsishi's transformation
  • 46 b_07_03 = W3D7; Shiki possessed
  • 47 b_07_04 = W3D7; Kitaniji's transformation - triggers unrelated Noise battle then returns you to West Exit Bus Terminal and freezes game
  • 48 b_07_06 = W3D7; Draco Cantus - triggers unrelated Noise battle then returns you to West Exit Bus Terminal (appears to be safe)
  • 49 b_07_07 = W3D7; Final fusion - Freezes game except when used in Another Day, where it will trigger the cutscene where Joshua tries making Mick extend his deadline.
  • 50 b_07_08 = W3D7; Udagawa flashback (full)
  • 51 b_07_09 = W3D7; Neku/Joshua duel through to "The World Begins With You" - triggers end-of-game save prompt and return to title (appears to be safe)
  • 52 b_07_11 = W3D7; Neku taking off his phones
  • 53 b_07_end = W3D7; "Chapter End"
  • 54 s_01_01 = Secret ending and Neku taking off his phones
  • 55 catchE1 through 76 catchC1 = Chapter start screens (E = Shiki, R = Joshua, B = Beat, C = Another Day)
  • 77 showend = "Thank you for Playing!"
  • 78 test_r_01_01 through 82 test_b_07_08 = Udagawa flashbacks

K7 - NPC Message SelectEdit

Opens up all NPC messages that can be said. Each message is grouped by what person can say them, when they can say them, and where they can say them. Relatively safe. Not available in the Japanese version.

K8 - Message SelectEdit

Opens up the Message Select menu. Nothing is able to be accessed. Unknown safeness. Not available in the Japanese version.

The F (left) OptionsEdit

Programmer: (Furukawa?)

F1 - ChkBtl/Battle CheckEdit

A battle select screen. This screen allows access to the current save's pins, any level, and much more. One of the few debug items that uses the touch screen. Seems relatively safe after choosing every option.

F2 - ContinueEdit

Opens up the "Continue" screen that would normally come up after a "Game Over".

F3 - TutorialEdit

Opens up the tutorial for movement. If the directions are followed, a battle starts where Neku and his partner are currently are. After the battle, the game returns to the Over World. Most likely very safe.

The B OptionEdit

Programmer: (Bullet?)

B3 - Opening and TitleEdit

A flash of white and then return to the main screen. Seems safe.

The M OptionsEdit

Programmer: Mori

M1 - Graphics CheckEdit

Description: Hardware sprites

A picture test. This is a good idea to look at if there are symbols or in-game images that need to be accessed.

M2 - Graphics CheckEdit

Description: Software sprites

An animation test.. This is a good idea to look at if there are animations or in-game images that need to be accessed.

M3 - ChkBtl/Battle CheckEdit

Another battle select screen. Seems to have different options. Seems relatively safe.

M4 - Location TitleEdit

A "video" of the different names of the places flashing by like they do whenever Neku enters an area. Seems relatively harmless.

M5 - Opening and TitleEdit

A flash of white and then return to the main screen. Seems safe.

The A OptionEdit

Programmer: Abe

A1 - Mini108Edit

Crashes the system. Try at your own risk.

The T OptionsEdit

Programmer: Takami

T1 - Test2Edit

Crashes the system. Try at your own risk.

T2 - Menu TopEdit

Opens up the Phone menu. Acts like the normal Phone menu.

T3 - Badge SelectEdit

Opens up the Pin menu. Acts like the normal Pin menu.

T4 - Scenario SelectEdit

Opens up the Chapter Select menu. Acts like the normal Chapter Select menu.

T5 - EquipmentEdit

Opens up the Item menu. Acts like the normal Item menu.

T6 - ResultsEdit

Opens up the after-battle results screen. Acts like the normal results screen.

T7 - ShopEdit

Opens up the shop menu. Acts like the normal shop menu.

T8 - Department StoreEdit

Opens up the Shop Choice menu. Acts like the normal Shop Choice menu.

T9 - SaveEdit

Opens up the Save menu. It is not known if the saving aspect works, but every other part seems to act like the normal Save menu.

T1 (Bottom) - Test2Edit

Opens up a menu that looks strangely like the save menu, but there are the first 24 pin images right in the center.

T2 (Bottom) - (Communicating Menu)Edit

Starts the game in Mingle Mode.

T3 (Bottom) - (Communication Settings)Edit

Opens up the pre-Mingle Mingle menu. Acts like the normal Mingle menu.

T4 (Bottom) - Friend ListEdit

Opens up the Friends menu. Acts like the normal Friends menu.

The S (Top) OptionEdit

Programmer: Sugata

S3 - Mingle SampleEdit

Displays the Japanese words "surechigai sample".

The F (Right) OptionsEdit

Programmer: Fukuda

F1 - FontEdit

Opens up a screen that is basically just some random words, symbols, and colors.

F2 - FontEdit

Opens up a screen with all pin symbols (Positive, Negative, Slash, Blow, Touch, etc., etc., etc.). Press A repeatedly to change the text to some of the battle tutorial text and the text used in the first font test.

F3 - Title(?)Edit

Opens up the "Delete Previous Data" screen.

F4 - Title(?)Edit

Opens up the "Save Data is Corrupted" screen. DO NOT TOUCH AT ALL. It fully wipes your save game.

F5 - Beybadge MenuEdit

Starts a single-player (against the AI) round of Tin Pin Slammer. Freezes your game after you exit.

F6 - Beybadge MenuEdit

Open the single-player Tin Pin Slammer Ranking screen.

F7 - Beybadge MenuEdit

Opens up the multi-player "Tin Pin Slammer" menu, starting from the tutorial screen.

F8 - Beybadge MenuEdit

Crashes the system. Should open the Tin Pin Slammer Multiplayer Ranking screen.

F9 - Beybadge MenuEdit

Opens up the "Tin Pin Slammer Connection Error" screen.

F1 (Bottom) - Title(?)Edit

Opens up the "Unable to read your data" screen.

F2 (Bottom) - Title(?)Edit

Opens up the "Unable to write your data" screen.

F3 (Bottom) - Beybadge MenuEdit

Opens up the multi-player "Tin Pin Slammer" menu, skipping the tutorial screen.

The H OptionEdit

Programmer: Horii

H1 - Noise ReportEdit

Opens up the "Noise Report" screen.

The S (Bottom) OptionEdit

Programmer: Suyama

S1 - Staff RollEdit

A video of the ending credits. Relatively safe.