A day is a Game Mechanic in The World Ends With You and The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

How it Works Edit

Each day is essentially a chapter, and there are 22 Days in total. Each Day does not use Earth Hours, and the Time-Limits in most missions of the game do not apply, as the Time Limits are not linked to amount of Play-Time (Meaning that if Time-Limit=30 Minutes; 30 Minutes in Earth-Time does not affect the mission's Time).

Each Day gives you a Scarletite (except for Another Day). You cannot get Scarletite by revisiting the chapter and completing the day again. Instead you must go to Shibu-Q Heads (Floor 1) to Trade in pins for Scarletite.

However, days that give you pins (i.e. Tin Pin Golem) will still give you the pin; if you complete that part of the day.

Days Edit

In Total there are 22 Days in The World Ends With You and The World Ends With You Solo Remix.

  • (1) Week 1 Day 1: Reapers' Game
  • (2) Week 1 Day 2: Don't Kill Me
  • (3) Week 1 Day 3: Who 2 Trust
  • (4) Week 1 Day 4: Erased
  • (5) Week 1 Day 5: Empty Urban Legends
  • (6) Week 1 Day 6: Superiority/Inferiority
  • (7) Week 1 Day 7: Wakeless Dream
  • (8) Week 2 Day 1: Rulez
  • (9) Week 2 Day 2: Reapers
  • (10) Week 2 Day 3: Roaming The Streets
  • (11) Week 2 Day 4: Pinned
  • (12) Week 2 Day 5: Turf
  • (13) Week 2 Day 6: Beast on the Prowl
  • (14) Week 2 Day 7: Clash of Desires
  • (15) Week 3 Day 1: Sensible, Senseless
  • (16) Week 3 Day 2: Style
  • (17) Week 3 Day 3: The Composer
  • (18) Week 3 Day 4: Indelible Guilt
  • (19) Week 3 Day 5: Vanishing Point
  • (20) Week 3 Day 6: Stride
  • (21) Week 3 Day 7: Game
  • (22) Another Day: This Day Ends With You!

Secret Reports Edit

There are 22 Secret Reports in Total, you get one for completing all of the extra Secret Reports' End-Game missions. Secret Reports are files you get after finishing the Main Story. However, in order to view the files, you must go back through each chapter and do a certain task that is Highlighted on the Chapter Menu.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.

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