The Dark Barrier Psych creates a violet (Creepy Weepy Barrier), or a black (Black Saturn) barrier around Neku, after keeping the stylus trained on him for a while. When the Psych is in effect, Neku is invincible, causes damages to enemies that collide with him and recovers HP when he does so, and can move freely with the barrier up. Compared to Aqua Barrier, Black Saturn requires much less time to reboot than Splish Splash Barrier, but only recovers HP when colliding with enemies. Creepy Weepy Barrier does not reboot at all.

Dark Barrier passes the puck with each hit (collision with an enemy, recovering HP).

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Lasts Boot Reboot
Pin 126c126Creepy Weepy BarrierSheep Heavenly A P Dark Barrier D Attack 1023510660---
Pin 217c217Black SaturnGatito A P Dark Barrier D Attack 603591803