Damage in the game is calculated as follows:

DAMAGE = [(eATK + (pATK x R x T)) x SOS x EFF% x D - DEF] x (2-RES%) x P

Note that this formula is used for both the player and noise.

  • eATK: Equipped attack: Attacker's base ATK (plus/minus thread modifiers for players).
  • pATK: Pin attack: Attack value of the pin. (Neku only)
  • R: Resonance multiplier. If the attack is under the effect of Resonance, this value is 1.2, otherwise it's 1.0.
  • T: Trend multiplier for brands:
    • Most popular: 2.0
    • No. 2 brand: 1.5
    • No. 3 brand: 1.2
    • Least popular: 0.5
    • Unranked: 1.0
  • SOS: SOS multiplier. Default (no SOS) is 1.0; maximum is 2.7.
  • EFF%: Efficiency multiplier. This can range from 0.2 to 4.0.
  • D: Difficulty multiplier:
    • Easy: 2.00
    • Normal: 1.00
    • Hard: 0.61
    • Ultimate: 0.40
  • DEF: DEF of the opponent. This is 0 for most noise, but some noise have a hidden DEF value.
  • RES%: Resistance value of the opponent.
    • For noise, this is the percentage value listed in the noise report. If RES% is listed as 200%, then substitute 3.00 instead.
    • For characters, this is 100% (1.0) for Neku and partners facing the enemy. It is 50% (0.5) for partners attacked from behind or Joshua while airborne.
  • P: Puck multiplier. If the attack is not amplified by the puck, this is 1.0. Default start value is 2.0; maximum is 5.0.
    • If attacking taboo noise without the puck, this is 0.25.

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