The Cross Combo (CC), is a combat mechanic appearing in The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- that boosts the power of Player pairs in combat. After Neku or his partner hits an enemy, a follow up attack by the other character will initiate a Cross Combo.

Cross Combo attacks deal bonus damage, increase sync rate, slow combat momentarily, and are not subject to reduction by Taboo Noise resistance or Noise polarities resistance.



Attacks that are part of a CC benefit from 10% increased damage by default. This bonus can be boosted by various item abilities.

Sync RateEdit

Sync rate is increased by 2% for both Neku and his partner on normal CC hits. A blazing hit for Neku will increase the sync rate by 3%, while a blazing hit for Neku's partner will increase sync rate by 2.5%.

Pin Choices Edit

The new system for Solo Remix actually changed the best pin choices. While high efficiency, high damage pins were best in the DS versions of the game due to the huge damage boost they get from the puck multiplier, faster, multi-hit pins are best for the remake. These pins allow the user to easily pull off longer cross combos. The damage bonus of the cross combo system is also spread across many hits unlike the bonus for single damage with the puck system. It is also preferable to use pins whose actions can be easily executed with the actions of the partner pin.

Other NotesEdit

With the Addition of Cross-Combos, some abilities have been replaced with CC Boost, Sync Rate Start, and Sync Boost.

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