Shibuya Map - Cat Street

Cat Street is a location in The World Ends with You. It is connected to Miyashita Park.

Story Edit

Cat Street

Cat Street as it appears in The World Ends With You

Cat Street is the street that Mr. Hanekoma's coffee shop WildKat Cafe is located on. It only has one way in, and is very far-flung from the starting place on most days, the Scramble Crossing.

Cat Street also houses the main, and only, shop for Jupiter of the Monkey.

what the guy at the Jupiter of the monkey shop says : Edit

(lvl1) Yo,yo./Yo, check my flow, whatcha lookin' fo'?/Don't be whack, bro. Say come on back, yo/ Thanks to the max for those fat stacks. / Thanks for the dough, lemme check your flow 'nother day real soon. See ya, bro./You got the style to make me smile, bro.

what Hanekoma in WildKat says : Edit

(lvl1) Welcome to... Oh, it's you guys. / What'll it be today ? / What, leaving already ? / Right-o. Anything else ? / Thanks!

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