Noise 57
Carcinopunk's sprite
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Hit Points 610
Attack 95
PP Gained 5
EXP Gained 71
Found AMX (event)
Scramble Crossing
Tipsy Tose Hall
Shibu-Q Heads
Date(s) Encountered Week 2: Day 6
Resistance 110% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Shadow Matter*
H - Strong 'n Proud*
N - Crackle Pop Barrier*
E - Strong 'n Proud*

The Carcinopunk is the Taboo Carcin Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Crab Claw: Carcinopunk approaches its target to pinch the target with its pincer.
  • Aggressive Fortress: Carcinopunk will close itself up by covering its face with its two blocky claws, allowing it to become invincible for the duration. It cannot move or attack during this time though. Unlike Carcinometal's Impervious Fortress, when attacked in this form, Carcinopunk will rapidly spin and fly across the screen to inflict damage to the player. After this attack, it will exit their Fortress form.