Shibuya Map - Cadoi City
Cadoi City is a location in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. It connects to the Shibu Dept. StoreMolco, and Towa Records.

 Shops Edit

Mus Rattus III Edit

Hi there. Come on in./ ...... /Thanks, bye/???/???/That's from the new line.

Natural Puppy Edit

(lvl 5) Hello. Thanks for coming back again. / What have you got in mind today ?/ Thank you. Please come again. / Sure, thank you. Did you see anything else you liked?/ Thank you. Come back soon! /That's cute isn't it? Would you like to try it on, sir?

(lvl max) Hello. Oh, hi there! I've been waiting for you./ You're put together handsomely as always. That outfit suits you. / Thank you. Next time let's trade mail addresses ! / Sure thing. I'd also recommend this to you. It just came in./ Thank you! I'll mail you later on, I promise! /

Le Grand Edit

Hey there! / Looking for something? / See you again soon!

Shibuya Districts
Shibuya districts
Scramble CrossingStatue of HachikoWest Exit Bus TerminalStation Underpass104 BuildingDogenzakaA-EastConcert StageShibukyu Main StoreShibu Dept. StoreCadoi CityTowa RecordsMiyashita Park UnderpassMiyashita ParkCat StreetCenter St. EntranceAMXTipsy Tose HallSpain HillShibu-Q HeadsUdagawa Back StreetsMolcoPork City Trail of the SinnerRubiconTrail of the BygoneDead God's PadTrail of the JudgedRoom of Reckoning

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