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CAT logo

CAT's logo

CAT is a company in The World Ends with You. This company is the designer of the Player Pin and the O-Pin, later in the game revealed to be made up of only one person: Sanae Hanekoma. It is also the "buyer" for Gatito. Neku Sakuraba is a fan of this company's work, and he often looks at CAT's graffiti spread throughout Shibuya.

CAT's motto is "Enjoy every moment with all you've got." Many people in Shibuya seem to agree with CAT's ideology, as seen in thought fragments. However, some of them wear his pins only to be "cool," as CAT's pins get popular.

His graffiti can be seen in Udagawa Back Streets, and Towa Records, as well as in the Trail of the Judged in the Shibuya River. As detailed in the Secret Reports, CAT's art is imbued with certain imprinting codes.

Non-canon Appearances Edit

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Edit

CAT's artwork has made an appearance in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The appearance of CAT is virtually identical to that of his in The World Ends With You. You will see the murals after completing certain story line tasks in Dream Drop Distance.

Videos Edit

CAT is in Kingdom Hearts 3D (The World Ends With You Easter Egg)00:50

CAT is in Kingdom Hearts 3D (The World Ends With You Easter Egg)

CAT's appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Gallery Edit

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