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Burst Rounds is a negative psych found on a small number of pins. It is activated by pressing and holding on an empty space until a charged shot is fired. Like its relatives Energy Rounds and Force Rounds, Burst Rounds cannot be aimed directly above or below Neku. Regular pins with Burst Rounds are categorized under B class.

This psych features one of the highest efficiency ratings in the game at 150%. The charged shot will usually hit one enemy, at which point the shot will disperse into multiple bullets that hit at 20% efficiency. Multiple enemies may be hit with the charged shot only if it touches them all at the same moment. Both the charged shot and the bullets cause zero knockback.


Burst Rounds has a slight charge time, but is faster than many of the other high-efficiency psychs. Only Massive Hit can pass the puck with higher efficiency, but it's difficult to aim and has a longer charge time. Therefore, Burst Rounds is an ideal psych to use as a ranged puck passer. If you consistently take advantage of the puck, pins with the Burst Rounds psych are the most powerful pins in which to clear the main portion of the game.

Burst Rounds has such high efficiency that it may also be used as a general-purpose psych. It will still deal excellent damage compared to faster filler pins. One Stroke, Vast Wealth has a generous 6 uses, so two of them in a deck will allow constant shots to be fired.

Note that in the Japanese version of the game, Burst Rounds' efficiency rating is 50%. This causes it to be a mediocre psych, so avoid it if you are playing this version.

Tin Pin Custom vs. One Stone, Many BirdsEdit

Tin Pin Custom is the earliest available Burst Rounds pin, appearing on W2D2. It immediately becomes the most powerful pin available, but most players are not aware of this due to its deceptively low pin ATK. One Stone, Many Birds is the next Burst Rounds pin, made available on W2D5 @Shibukyu Main Store/Dragon Couture. It should replace Tin Pin Custom at that point, but Tin Pin Custom may be used again in Pork City during W2D7.

One Stone, Many Birds vs. One Stroke, Vast Wealth vs. One Grain, Infinite PromiseEdit

OSMB is the worst of the three pins, but is still quite powerful. If trying to complete the game without shutdown PP or mingle PP, such as in a single-day run, OSMB is the best you can get.

OSVW obsoletes OSMB, but requires shutdown PP. OSVW works well in an all-around role because it can act as both a puck passer and a filler pin. Most players will be happy with its versatility.

OGIP (requires mingle PP) is the most powerful of the three, dealing +18 damage over OSVW and +54 damage over OSMB. However, it only has 1 use, so it's usually better to have OSVW in the deck.

One Grain, Infinite Promise vs. Kaleidoscope vs. CorehogEdit

Kaleidoscope is the best postgame Burst Rounds pin unless OGIP is used in a Dragon Couture theme deck with its Resonance pin and Blue Blood Burns Blue, encouraging a trend boost. Corehog is the least desirable of the three because it is Angel class, and there are better pins in which to fill that slot.

  Name Brand Cls Boot Reboot Limit Uses Psych Action Elm EFF% Power Atk200
Pin 151 One Stone, Many Birds Dragon Couture B 0 7 3 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 65 398
Pin 152 One Stroke, Vast Wealth Dragon Couture B 0 6 6 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 89 434
Pin 153 One Grain, Infinite Promise Dragon Couture B 0 3 1 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 101 452
Pin 168 Kaleidoscope Lapin Angelique B 0 4 3 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 106 459
Pin 231 Tin Pin Custom Unbranded B 0 4 3 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 40 360
Pin 281 Corehog Unbranded N 0 3 4 Burst Rounds P Neg 150 102 453

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