The bravery (BRV for short) of a character affects the threads he or she is able to equip to him or herself. Typically, men's clothes require less BRV, while women's clothes require more. Shiki is the only character to start with high initial BRV(above a hundred), allowing her to wear women's clothes whereas the male characters initially cannot. The maximum possible BRV is 999.

BRV is not an exact indicator of how powerful a thread is, though some of the more powerful maingame threads require high BRV. The maingame thread with the highest BRV requirement (152) is Vampire Dress. Postgame threads require even more BRV.

The BRV requirement for threads is not cumulative, so a character with 50 BRV is able to equip four threads that require 50 BRV each. The starting BRV for each character is as follows:

Since Beat joins with low BRV, it is highly recommended to purchase at least one BRAVE+ on week 2, day 6 @Shibu-Q Heads/Nishimura Drugs to help Beat wear some better threads. Shibu-Q heads will then be inaccessible until week 3, day 5, so make sure to purchase all that you can on that day!

BRV can be increased by leveling up, mingling with other TWEWY players, or by digesting food that raises BRV:


Tonkotsu Ramen is the first available BRV booster. When Dogenzaka is first accessible on W1D3, the player should erase the green pig Noise, then sell the 5000 Yen pin in order to purchase Tonkotsu Ramen and Shio Ramen, which is required to clear a wall later. Neku should then immediately eat the Tonkotsu Ramen for a head start in raising his BRV.

Vanilla Soft Serve is the next available BRV booster. Inexpensive at only ¥210, the player should buy as many of them as possible for Neku to consume. It has a poor byte to BRV ratio, but falls under the fullness threshold, allowing the player to grind BRV all day.

Crepe is then available on W1D6. It becomes the non-fullness BRV booster of choice until Pancakes is available on W2D3. Note that Pancakes is only available on W2D3 and W2D4. Stock up while they're hot!

BRAVE+ is the ideal BRV booster and falls under the fullness threshold due to its large BRV points to bytes eaten-ratio which is at 6.666, but is expensive at ¥20000. It is much more efficient than Cordyceps, which has a BRV point per byte-eaten ratio of 3.125.

Food Item Location Price Bravery Boost Bravery-to-Bytes Ratio
Vanilla Soft Serve Burger Shops 230 +2 2 to 5 (0.40 ratio)
Soft Serve Swirl Burger Shops 320 +2 2 to 5 (0.40 ratio)
Corn Chowder Burger Shops 470, 750 +2 2 to 6 (0.33 ratio)
Pumpkin Soup WildKat 580 +2 2 to 6 (0.33 ratio)
Donuts WildKat 350 +4 4 to 7 (0.57 ratio)
Muffin Set WildKat 400 +4 4 to 7 (0.57 ratio)
Crepe Mexican Dog 450 +4 4 to 8 (0.50 ratio)
Pancakes WildKat 530 +6 6 to 8 (0.75 ratio)
Tonkotsu Ramen Ramen Don 750 +6 6 to 16 (0.375 ratio)
BRAVE+ Pharmacy 20,000 +20 20 to 3 (6.666 ratio)
Cordyceps Herbal Remedies 80,000 +50 50 to 16 (3.125 ratio)

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