The Black Skullers are an organization that appeared in Another Day. They're a group of pin thieves that apparently steal Tin Pin Slammer pins and sell them off on the internet.


Leader: Uzuki Yashiro

Second-in-Command: (Presumably) Koki Kariya

Other Members: Yodai Higashizawa, Raimu "Rhyme" Biito, Tutorial Guy


At the Molco Slam-Off in Another Day, the Black Skullers pose as a company that was hired to plan and run the event, with Koki Kariya posing as "Deputy Editor for Tin Pin Weekly," and Yodai Higashizawa posing as a "booth babe." However, before the Finals can begin, they spring their trap, attacking the participants and stealing their pins (except for Neku Sakuraba's). Their plan is to sell the pins online for a premium. However, they soon learn that the Kindred Spirits have been playing up a storm in Shibuya, and comes up with a plan to stop them.

Rhyme is sent as a spy, who claims to be another victim of the Skullers. She is accepted into the spirits, who later engage in a Slam-Off with Yodai Higashizawa. It is at this point that Rhyme reveals her true colors, stealing and smashing Shuto Dan's Red Kaiser Tin Pin Launcher.

They then go to Miyashita Park to eat, but are caught by the Kindred Spirits, now armed with the (new) Solid Slammers. The Kindred Spirits challenge the Black Skullers to a slam-off, winner takes all.

1) Joshua vs "Tutorial Guy" Joshua wins, but recognizes "Tutorial Guy's" true idenity as the Wizard of Slam.

2) Beat vs Rhyme. Beat wins, but it's revealed what truly happened between the two of them involving their comedy routine.

3) Shiki Misaki vs Uzuki Yashiro. Shiki was originally to face Yodai, but Uzuki cut in, having a personal score to settle with Shiki over which of their fangroups was the "true Prince fans." Shiki wins, forcing the disbandment of Uzuki's fangroup, but she blows it off, moving on to making a 777 fangroup instead, which causes another fight between them.

4) Neku Sakuraba vs Koki Kariya. Neku admits that he's just being dragged along for the ride, and his emo feelings. Kariya tries to buy him off with ramen, but Neku doesn't bite. Neku wins, then admits that he does feel better afterwards.

5) Shuto Dan vs Yodai Higashizawa. It is now that Yodai reveals his true reasons for siding with the Skullers: his plans to "purify" Tin Pin Slammer. Shuto struggles against Yodai, until Sho Minamimoto arrives with the "Omega Kaiser Phoenix" Solid Slammer. With this, Shuto defeats Yodai.

Afterwards, the stolen pins are returned, and the Black Skullers disband.

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