The Black Bikini (ブラックビキニ Burakku Bikini?) is a set of threads in The World Ends with You.Item 034

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 034
Name Black Bikini
Brand D+B
ATK bonus +10
DEF bonus +10
HP bonus -30
BRV required 160
Info Threads slot: Accessory

Description: Swimwear meets street fashion. Chic black plus white lace makes for maximum contrast and extreme sexiness in this hot suit!

Ability Name: AbipsycheShiki: Fusion ★ +3

Effective when equipped by: Shiki

Description: When Shiki wears this, she receives 3 free Fusion ★s as soon as she enters a battle.

How to get Sold by:
  • D+B 104 - 104 for 5x Rare Metal; 1x Pretty Ribbon; 1x Purple Bikini

Secret report event:

Ability unlocked at: D+B 104 - 104 (FSG Lvl 5)

Comments Becomes available at FSG Lvl 4

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