Automatic is an unique command that requires no action to be taken by the user. The pins involved are activated automatically according to the in-game description.

All pins of this command are healing based, either healing Neku when he is low in HP, or activates other healing pins when low on health. Because these allow Neku to be healed while he is using other abilities, the player does not need to fret about having the healing process being interrupted.

Heal vs. Use any recovery pinEdit

The automatic command refers to two types of activation: one where the respective pin will heal Neku and the other which will activate another healing pin in the deck without needing to activate the heal.

The advantage that the healing pins has is that it usually has a high amount of healing value (70% or 100%) than all other healing pins (usually 30% or 50%). Because they are automatic, there is no worry about the activation being interrupted. But the downside of such pins is that they have minimal use and no or a expensively long reboot time, which won't help in long chain battles.

Use any recovery pin automatically activates other healing pins for the player. As explained before, most healing pins have low percentage healing, but if this automatic ability is coupled with a pin with multiple uses and a relatively short reboot time, this method will outrank the other type of automatic pins.

This touch screen command is represented in the game with the icon A. It is used to activate the following pin psychs:

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot Info
Pin 010c010Blown KissD+B N Subconscious A Recovery 7020---Automatically restores HP when they are half depleted.
Pin 053c053Guardian AngelPavo Real N Subconscious A 500.3Automatically uses any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing to heal whenever HP are half depleted.
Pin 054c054ArchangelPavo Real N Subconscious A Recovery 7010---Automatically restores HP when they are low.
Pin 136c136Handsfree HealingSheep Heavenly N Subconscious A 400.3Automatically uses any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing to heal whenever HP are low.
Pin 227c227Visionary BlendGatito N Subconscious A Recovery 1001090Automatically restores all HP when they are low, and cures negative statuses when necessary.