Achievements are rewards after completing a certain objective in Solo Remix. The Achievements will give you points for every single task you complete.

Game Center AchievementsEdit

Achievement Name How to Get Achievement Points Gained
Game On! Win your First Battle 10
Friends With Shiki Finish the 1st Week 20
Friends With Joshua Finish the 2nd Week 20
Friends For Life Finish the 3rd Week 20
Slam Dunk Win your First Tin-Pin Slammer Match 20
Open Up Your World! Trade Friend Cards Via Mingle 10
F for Freaking Expensive! Buy a Liberty Duke or Get a Liberty Duke as a Quest Item 20
Shakin' and Bacon Defeat all Pig Noise 30
Chatty at the Counter Obtain every Ability for every clothing item 30
Reaper Ravager Obtain the Angel Feather (Complete Final Time attack on any Difficulty) 30
Real Ultimate Growth Spurt Max Neku's Level to 100 30
Tin Pin Wizard Obtain the Wizard's Glasses 30
UG Wildlife Buff Defeat every Noise 100
Preeminient Pin Scholar Master every single Pin 100
Fastest In The 'Buya Get a Star Rank on the Final Time Attack 100
The World Bows to You Earn a Star for your ESP'er Rank 100
A New Shibuya Watch the Secret Ending 100
Strongest in the 'Buya Defeat Panthera Cantus 100
For the Man with Everything Have every item 100
Mingle Magnet Connect with 20 Friends 30

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