Each thread in the game will carry an ability which will help you in battle. There are many kind of abilities, and each of them will help in one or other way. Abilities must be unlocked by store clerks in order to be usable in battle. A thread which ability has been unlocked will have an "A" on it.


Kinds of abilities Edit

Regeneration Edit

Whenever the shared HP bar is less than full, the wearer of the thread with this ability will regenerate HP every few seconds, higher levels granting a greater boost in HP per tick. The HP Bar will fill on the side of whoever is wearing the thread; overflow will fill the other side. However, remember it is a shared HP and so it really doesn't matter which part of the bar fills up first (except if there are any SOS abilities). If both characters have the Regeneration ability equipped, the amount of healing will add up. So if Neku heals 160 HP and Shiki heals 120 HP per tick, the amount regenerated would be 280. All Regeneration Threads stack with each other(two III Threads on a Player will restore 6% a tick, for example, as will an IV and a II).

Regeneration has four levels. Level I restores 1% HP/tick, level II 2% HP/tick, level III 3% HP/tick, level IV 4% HP/tick.

Combo Map Abilities  Edit

  • Combo Panel +X: It adds (Combo Panel +1 --or-- Combo Panel +2) or subtracts (Combo Panel -1) left/right arrows on the Combo Map, thus allowing for more or less attacks before a Finisher is used.
  • Combo Branch +X: This ability adds more branches to the partner's Combo Map, making you have more options to choose to get Fusion Stars or more panels to hit the enemy.
  • Combo Map Upgrade:
  1. I:
  2. II: 

Obstacle AbilitiesEdit

No Obstacles: When Neku wears this ability no obstacles will appear in the lower screen.

More Durable Obstacles: When Neku wears this ability obstacles will last longer before dissappearing when using Psychokinesis or Pressure Mine psychs.

Puck Abilities Edit

Slower Puck: Makes the light puck move slower to the partner or back to Neku.

Faster Puck: Makes the light puck move faster to the partner or back to Neku.

Hold That Puck: Makes the puck stay in battle longer before dissappearing. It stacks with high Sync.

More (Negative status)Edit

Makes pins or partners wearing a thread with the "(Negative status) Finisher" to inflict that negative status more often.

Threads that have this ability:

  • Attack Breaks:
  • Defense Breaks
  • HP Drains:
  • Inmobilizations:

(Partner) Nag-free Escape Edit

When you have a thread equiped with contains this ability, you no longer lose sync % when running away from battle. The following threads have this ability.

For Shiki:

For Beat:

For Joshua:

Show Combo Map Longer Edit

Makes the combo map of a partner with the ability to last longer before disappearing.

(Negative Status) FinisherEdit

Makes a partner wearing this ability to inflict a negative status with the finisher attacks.

Threads that have this ability

  • Attack Break:
  • Defense Break:
  • HP Drains:
  • Inmobilization:

HIT Keeper Edit

When Neku wears this ability the HITS counter will stay on the screen longer before disappearing.

(Partner) (Air, Ground) Combo (A, B, C, D) Edit

The Air or Ground Combo Map will change its form according to the letter:

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

(HP, Attack, Defense, Fusion Stars) +XEdit

The parametre will increase by an specific amount. Sometimes it'll only work if an specific member of the party wears it.

Resist (Negative status)Edit

The wearer will be inmune to that negative status

Special Kinds:

  • Resist Knockback: The wearer won't be knocked back by enemy attacks
  • Dual Resistance:
  1. I: Inmune to Attack and Defense Breaks.
  2. II: Inmune to HP Drain and Inmobilization
  • Resist All: The wearer will be inmune to every negative statuses.

EXP Boost Edit

It'll make Neku to obtain more experience from enemies. He will obtain more if the ability is level II.

SOS AbilitiesEdit

They're only active if the wearer is in SOS status.

  • Attack Boost: Attack will increase by a percentage, % for level I and % for level II.
  1. These threads have this ability (Level I):
  2. These threads have this ability (Level II):
  • Defense Boost: Defense will increase by a percentage, % for level I and % for level II.
  1. These threads have this ability (Level I):
  2. These threads have this ability (Level II):
  • Null Damage: The wearer will have a 30% chance of not recieving any damage.
  1. These threads have this ability:
  • Power Up: Both attack and defense will increase by a percentage, % for level I and % for level II.
  1. These threads have this ability (Level I):
  2. These threads have this ability (Level II):

Jinxed AbilitiesEdit

The wearer will have the mentioned ability, but also a penalty: 

  • Regeneration:
  • HIT Keeper:
  • Hold That Puck: 

All-around Upgrade Edit

Depending on the level it will

  • I:
  • II:
  • III:
  • IV:

Display Time Edit

It shows the total elapsed time in a battle sequence, carrying over from previous fights in Chain battles. It is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom screen, in the format of minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

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