Shibuya Map - AMX
AMX is a Shibuya district in The World Ends with You. It is also the name of the CD store building. It connects to the Center St. Entrance and to Tipsy Tose Hall.

Shops Edit

CD shop AMX Edit

AMX CD store
Masanori Ito
Type CD collection
Shopkeeper Masanori Ito
Max. FSG 5
Abilities 4

The AMX CD store's vendor, Masanori Ito, can have up to a level 5 friendship, and unlocks 4 item abilities. He sells a good portion of the games soundtrack.

Level 5 friendship

  • (Entering the shop) "Oh, hey, my man! What's on your list today?"
  • "We got a ton of new releases in! I got to review some for our flyer. Check it out!"
  • (Upon buying something) "Man, you rock! Look at this. Only you would know to pick this."
  • (Upon leaving) "Thanks, man. Oh, new flyer's out! Grab one!"

Trivia Edit

  • AMX building

    Battle background when fighting in the AMX district.

    The building, AMX, corresponds to the HMV Megastore in Shibuya in real-life.

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